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Very interesting article and 100% agree on the direction. A couple of points and I am curious for your perspective: (1) we know that LLMs, in the current configuration, are exceptional at gathering and surmising information (nb: which is problematic on its own), and there is the "degradation of quality" issue that often leads to "hallucinations". What's your perspective on how this is likely to have an influence in high-stakes decision-making within business environments (even political/policy-making) and what are your thoughts on how this will be overcome? (2) What are your thoughts on building reasoning capabilities and how could you see this emerging in which precision-level insights? We know that powerful knowledge bases exist (including emerging Graph of Thoughts etc) that point towards potential solutions, but this have a scalability problem yet offer very precise and specific insights when combined with LLMs. How do you see these forms of technology working together (or others)?

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