Thanks for the shout out!

A more qualitative way to think about picking an investment partner - how excited are they able to get about your space in a limited amount of time? In their due diligence process, do they come back with insights on your business that you didn't even realize (usually from talking to customers and doing channel checks)? Or are they always on their back foot, needing you to explain everything about the market to them.

I've found the best investment partners (even those who don't invest but do the work to understand your space) will send you their notes on their customer / ecosystem commentary. You can tell a lot about them from their notes. (this part, of course, can't be outsourced to AI... they have to do the hard work of getting on the phone and having a human convo!)

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Regarding the value add "Creating networks and partnerships": Do you make your Affinity CRM directly accessible/searchable to founders?

I really like the idea of Alexis Ohanian od 776 ventures to have a searchable app/database. Especially since your main CRM might be too sensitive to share.

I looked at Bridge before, but it looks like it has not much traction in Europe. At least in my network 😄

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We use Affinity rather internally to find the best path for an intro. Bridge is a nice way to make your network shareable but indeed requires critical mass, just like Affinity alliances. I’m sure this will become more important in the future and nothing that cannot be solved.

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