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Thanks for the thougthful analysis! Just wondering whether AI can really replace a recommendation from a professional network. Network recommendation means: someone actually talked to the start-up, they were able to hold up a conversation, and the person was convinced that aside from the tech that the start-up has (or doesn't) the team is somewhat organized and has at least a slim chance of success based on the way they work together. There is a lot of emotional intelligence involved here, and I doubt that AI will be able to replace that in full.

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Thank you Isabell. I'm actually not sure if AI will be capable of fully replacing warm introductions, but I'm convinced that the relative share of deals coming via warm introductions will decrease whereas data-driven/quantitatively sourced deals with grow in relevance. I fully agree that there is a component of "pre-DD" EQ/IQ involved by the intermediary though in many cases people referring deals are just like "Hey, my friend is raising; haven't looked into it but just wanted to let you know - she is great". Data-driven pre-qualification will likely lead to other but similarly (or more) useful insights I suspect.

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